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They are busy being rich, let the magazines figure it out before having their assistant reach out for a romantic getaway….

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Moved here from South Africa and really felt as important as the rich dudes who invited her to hang because rich dudes need things like SI to find the girls high enough profile to fuck.

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Leaked Photos of Genevieve Morton

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If you want to see what desperation on a 32 year old South African model who will remain nameless, like how when school shootings happen and the media try to block out the name of said shooter to not endorse him, celebrate him, or bring attention to him or his cause….

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Maybe she thinks it looks cute, is funny, read that being honest in her content would lead to more followers, but not quite grasping the kind of honest people want….

Description: But this Genevieve Morton shoot is worthy of going viral for her, so help a girl out and pass it around…. She ended up getting Sober, boring, as Sober people are all fucking weirdos who talk about being sober and in getting sober she also got nude.

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