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Am I ridiculous and over reacting?

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He visits fetish sites and looks at photos and movies online while I am out of the house.

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LOL We've talked about it and he tells me that I don't understand and for me to stop trying to control him.

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Breath holding fetish

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I start to think that a guy is just going to use porn as a way to relax even when a crisis is brewing as opposed to a woman who would be so emotionally distraught over a crisis that stimulating her genitals would be the last thing on her mind.

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I am fit, attractive, smart, creative, funny, I love sex, am bisexual and love belly dancing.

Description: He enjoys seeing women hold their breath for as long as they can stand it. A reader, anonymous , writes 15 December :.

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  1. First time I am seeing her put in effort in a while